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Put customers on hold automatically when payment is overdue

Companies accept significant financial risk when they deliver services or products in advance. Late or no payment disrupts cash flow while eager commissioned sales reps keep selling, even to overdue accounts. Companies can reduce risk by regularly reviewing overdue accounts and putting them on hold until payment is received. However, this process is time-consuming and prevents staff from focusing on more strategic initiatives.

By automatically putting overdue customer accounts on hold, companies will:

  • Avoid selling goods or services to customers who are high risk for overdue or non-payment

  • Eliminate time-consuming, manual account reviews and status changes

  • Limit cash-flow impact from non-paying accounts

Any company that uses SAP Business One.

This automation finds overdue invoices in SAP Business One and adds a comment to the customer’s account that payment is overdue. The customer’s status changes to ‘inactive,’ so they can’t place orders until they’ve made a payment. This automation is customizable.

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Although Automations for SAP Business One is designed to automate specific business transactions and processes, no two companies are alike. SAP Business One queries and Saltbox workflows, the key components of these automations, are easily customized, ensuring that the solution you buy addresses your business requirementsnot someone else’s.

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About Automations for SAP Business One

Automations for SAP Business One transforms manual tasks into automated workflows, saving teams time and eliminating mistakes. Each automation performs a critical function for one or more business lines and delivers specific business outcomes, including improved cash flow and increased process efficiency. Automations for SAP Business One is powered by Saltbox, Vision33’s exclusive cloud-native integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It unlocks limitless potential for your business—from seamless integrations and automations to enhanced functionality for your core business systems like ERP and CRM.





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