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Integrate Existing Applications and Unify Your Enterprise.

The Saltbox Platform is a born-in-the-cloud iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution for enterprise integration, workflow, and collaboration between business applications.

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About the Saltbox Platform

Your business’s mission-critical applications help you stay organized, collaborate with your team, and run your operations. Your most valuable asset – your data – lives in these applications and often needs to travel and synchronize between them. That’s where things can get complicated.

Transforming and moving your data requires workflows, time, and manpower, and one simple mistake can cost a lot of money. The Saltbox Platform is an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution born from the need to connect multiple core business applications.

Unlike Any Other Platform

There are many ways to create links between business applications, but the Saltbox Platform is the only solution that anticipates and allows complete synchronization of your data between ERP, logistics, eCommerce, marketing, POS, CRM, productivity tools, and other critical technologies. With Saltbox’s built-in intelligence and flexibility, all you need is one platform for multiple points of connection and data transformation.

Powerful Beyond Measure

Its engine moves information at lightning speed through the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) scaling, allowing it to handle an infinite data load. Data transfers between applications just as quickly.

What does The Saltbox Platform do for your business?

  • Gives you flexibility you can’t get from point-to-point integration solutions
  • Allows you to choose and change which products to integrate at any time
  • Offers visual data mapping with simple drag-and-drop functions to transform your data
  • Lets you keep a human team member involved in workflows or automate the entire data connection process
  • Frees up your time to focus on innovation, business processes, and customer service
  • Offers endless options for connectivity between your vital application
  • Allows Vision33 to create custom endpoint connections for any application developed by your business

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Saltbox is a cloud-centric tool specifically for connecting transactional data between critical business systems. Saltbox also offers integration and workflow construction that allows intelligent human intervention in input, approvals, and exception handling.

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