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Automate the repetitive daily tasks that slow your business down.

Transform manual tasks into automated workflows with Automations for SAP Business One.

Protect your business from costly mistakes and human oversight

Increase efficiency

Optimize business processes

Improve cash flow


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Automations for SAP Business One

Flawless operations. No surprises.

Automations for SAP Business One is powered by Saltbox. That means it extends SAP Business One's functionality without compromising system performance or generating intrusive client-side pop-ups.



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Customize your automations

Although Automations for SAP Business One is designed to automate specific transactions and processes, no two companies are alike. SAP Business One queries and Saltbox workflows—the key components of these automations—are easily customized, ensuring that the solution you buy addresses your business requirements, not someone else’s.

Let's Meet Your Challenge Together

Our resources, formal methodology, and project governance provide low risk for projects, free up resources for other initiatives, and give you space to focus on where you’re taking your business next.