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Goodbye, hard-to-manage point solutions.

Hello, end-to-end integration across your operations.


What Is The Saltbox Platform?

Saltbox is a cloud-native, low-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution that empowers small and midsized companies to integrate disconnected business systems like ERP, CRM, and eCommerce.

  1. Integrate disconnected applications and data sets
  2. Automate manual error-prone processes and tasks
  3. Synchronize data between business systems


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Eliminate silos. 

Integrate with anything to break down data silos and achieve 360-degree visibility into your business —from cloud-native apps with modern REST APIs to legacy and proprietary applications and data warehouses.

Get more value.

Through automation, Saltbox extends the native capabilities of your business apps. You'll get even more value out of your technology investments.

Accomplish more.

Transform repetitive, time-consuming tasks and processes — like data entry and invoice creation — into automated processes that eliminate mistakes and save you time.

Common automations via Saltbox

  • Check stock availability before order is placed
  • Create/update customer record when order is placed
  • Send shipping confirmation & tracking information to eCommerce platform
  • Set minimum/maximum inventory levels

  • Add prospect to campaign based on sales stage
  • Trigger nurture email after product registration or trial evaluation
  • Attach website visitor traffic to customer and prospect records
  • Create new sales follow-up activity when customer engagement increases

  • Create sales order in ERP from online order or email
  • Create delivery note
  • Create A/R invoice for delivered services
  • Change sales stage when an opportunity is created
  • Change contract status when a service contract expires
Sales and Service

  • Create A/R invoice(s)
  • Create A/P invoice(s)
  • Create deferred revenue journal entries
  • Automate approval workflows

iPaaS Defined

iPaaS is a cloud-based solution that simplifies integration across on-premises and cloud business applications, data sets, and services. Any business using iPaaS can seamlessly integrate its entire tech stack while eliminating the complexity of creating and maintaining multiple point-to-point (P2P) integrations.



The Value of Integration


Integrations are the lifeblood of business agility and a competitive advantage in fast-evolving markets. Integrating apps and data warehouses breaks down data silos to give your teams a 360-degree view of the business. Integrations also enable you to automate business processes and data flow between high-value systems like ERP, CRM, marketing automation, and more.

Instead of paying for new systems, you can maximize the return on your existing investments using fast, easy integrations.



Saltbox Solves 7 Key Business Challenges

Business Challenges Saltbox Solves

The following operational challenges have been identified by Vision33 customers who turned to Saltbox to solve them.

Business challenge →

Proposed solution →


1. Business operations are running less smoothly due to growth and business or technology changes

Use a simple, low-code interface to build new or updated integrations and/or automated workflows to support changes

Pivot business operations quickly and easily

2. Mistakes are negatively affecting the business (lost orders, customers not invoiced, data entry errors, etc.) Automate daily system-based tasks and processes Protect the business from human errors that produce negative outcomes

3. Employees are spending too much time on administrative work (e.g., double data entry)

Automate daily system-based tasks and processes

Improve operational efficiency, reduce low-value work by 80%, and free staff to focus on high-value tasks

4. There's no clear picture of the business due to inaccurate data or data silos within multiple systems

Integrate business systems so data flows in line with business rules/logic.

Get a 360-degree view of the business and a single source of the truth, trust your data, and make confident decisions

5. Creating reports is manual, complex, and time-consuming

Centralize core business system data via integration

Streamline and simplify the reporting process so teams can focus on higher-value initiatives

6. ERP does 95% of what the business needs, but some processes are too manual

Automate workflows to extend the functionality of core systems

Obtain more value from existing technology investments

7. Existing integrations are expensive, hard to maintain, inflexible, or limited in scope


Use a low-code iPaaS solution to consolidate and maintain your integration stack without developer assistance

Reduce integration and automation costs


Why Saltbox?

ERP integration

Natively integrates with SAP Business One, Sage Intacct, and SAP Business ByDesign.

Unlimited integrations

Integrates with on-premises legacy apps, SaaS solutions, data warehouses, and more.

The best choice for growing SMBs

Developed specifically for growing SMBs that want profitable growth.

Ultimate flexibility

Provides a flexible implementation model, from 100% vendor-led to 100% self-managed.

Objective success

Each integration project is laser-focused on driving measurable outcomes for your business.

Fast time-to-value

Pre-Built solutions deliver rapid time to market and ROI.

Compare iPaaS to Point Integration Solutions

Technology landscapes are dynamic. From software upgrades to new line of business applications, companies—and their technologies—are continuously changing. Agile businesses must anticipate these changes and invest in flexible technologies that enable them to change course quickly.

Unlike point-to-point solutions, iPaaS is a sustainable, flexible, strategic platform, capable of supporting any integration scenario or use case.

  iPaaS Point-to-Point
Type Platform Tool
Flexibility Highly flexible Inflexible
Functionality Robust Limited
Data flow Bi-Directional One-Directional
# of end points Unlimited One
Connectors, workflows, and automations Pre-Built and custom May offer simple pre-built automations
Required skill set Low to medium Medium to high (It's different for every tool)
Cost Low to moderate Moderate to high
Maintenance Low Moderate to high
Required resources    
Visible integration status Yes, via a dashboard No
Error-tracing Yes No


Key Features

There’s so much to love about The Saltbox Platform. These are the features our SMB customers say they can’t live without.

Pre-Built app and utility connectors

Quickly connect and automate your business with out-of-the-box solutions.

Pre-Built SAP Business One automations

Rapidly automate common tasks and processes.

API Gateway 

Construct real-time integration scenarios with lightning-fast, real-time data exchange.

Low code

Map fields and design workflows with drag-and-drop ease.


Design and automate common transactional communications such as invoices and shipping notices.


Eliminate performance issues when transaction volumes increase.

Operational dashboards and alerts

Instantly visualize the operational status of workflows and transaction volumes.

Version control

Track workflow changes and revert to prior versions.


Discover, diagnose, and resolve failed transactions and workflows.

InterCompany for SAP Business One

Multi-entity accounting and reporting
are time-consuming and complicatedespecially if you manually manage transactions and month-end close. Instead, prevent mistakes, streamline operations, and accelerate month-end close by automating intercompany transactions, consolidations, and reports.

Learn more >>


Automations for SAP Business One

Automations for SAP Business One transforms manual tasks into automated workflows, prevents costly mistakes, and conserves time and resources. Pre-Built and natively integrated with SAP Business One, each automation delivers a rapid return on investment for multiple lines of business, including finance, inventory and production, sales, and service.

Learn more >>



Application & Utility Connectors

The Saltbox Platform uses connectors to seamlessly integrate your mission-critical applications. From ERP to CRM and accounting solutions, connectors facilitate new integrations and the creation, management, and maintenance of workflows.

There are two types of Saltbox connectors:

  • Application Connectors: Transform and move data between business applications
  • Utility Connectors: Extend workflow functionality or connect with legacy applications

Explore the 40+ Saltbox Connectors >>



Real-Time Integration (API Gateway)

As web interfaces and instant gratification become social norms, more companies are adopting real-time integration solutions to improve the customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. The Saltbox API Gateway delivers on the promise of real-time by facilitating lightning-fast, secure, bi-directional pathways for data to flow through.

Learn more >>



Custom Integration Solutions and Services

For over 20 years, Vision33’s experts have delivered services and custom solutions to growing businesses with a variety of integration needs. Our certified consultants dive deep into your business and use embedded software tools, functions, and The Saltbox Platform to develop a groundbreaking, bespoke solution.

Learn about Vision33’s integration solutions and services.

Customer Stories

Pre-Built ERP Integrations

Here are a few of the pre-built connectors we offer:

SAP Business One is a powerful, all-in-one solution that enables small and midsized businesses to run simple, grow fast, and drive profit.

With Shopify, businesses can market their wares, accept payments, and ship merchandise to their customers.


SAP Concur is committed to reinventing travel, expense, and invoice management with tools that simplify everyday processes.

Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, helps businesses grow by bringing companies and customers together.

HubSpot and its inbound movement empower businesses to stop interrupting prospects with unwanted marketing and focus on delighting their customers.

Sage Intacct is accounting and financial management software that automates complex business processes and increases productivity.