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Saltbox Connectors

The Saltbox Platform uses connectors to seamlessly integrate mission-critical applications, empowering IT and business stakeholders to replace point-to-point solutions, error-prone manual processes, and data management efforts with powerful data synchronization and automated workflows.

There are 2 types of connectors:

Application connectors

Transform and move data between business applications

Utility connectors

Extend workflow functionality or connect with legacy apps

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Custom Integration and Workflow Solutions

If you need help integrating a proprietary, legacy, or modern-day SaaS application with the rest of your tech stack, Vision33 can help.

We know integration like the back of our hand.

Our certified consultants will dive deep into your business, getting to know your technology stack and unique processes to develop a groundbreaking, bespoke solution to transform your business.

Our roots are steeped in delivering services to our customers, and we’re happy to support as much or as little of your project as you need.

Connect to any third-party application that has standards-compliant REST APIs

Universal API Connector

Connect legacy and proprietary solutions with traditional integration methods or Saltbox API Gateway.

Saltbox API Gateway



The Saltbox Platform


Saltbox API Gateway

Facilitate real-time integration between Saltbox and any third-party application.

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Saltbox Connectors

Connectors seamlessly integrate your mission-critical applications.

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The Saltbox Platform

The Saltbox Platform is an enterprise-class, low-code iPaaS solution that empowers companies to integrate, unify, and streamline business operations, accelerating automation initiatives and increasing the ROI of their data and existing technology investments. 


Let's Meet Your Challenge Together

Our resources, formal methodology, and project governance provides low risk for projects, frees up your own resources for other initiatives, and gives you the space you need to focus on where you are taking your business next.