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The Saltbox Platform is an enterprise-class, low-code integration platform as a service(iPaaS) solution that empowers companies to:

Integrate any application, data set, or business process
  • Legacy and proprietary applications
  • Cloud and on-premises
  • Applications with modern APIs
  • Databases
Automate any manual process or work flow
  • Data upload
  • Order entry
  • Expense processing
Synchronize data between systems
Spot, diagnose, and resolve failed transactions and work flows
  • Operational dashboard
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Version control
  • Alerting
  • Error tracing



What Is Saltbox?

Saltbox uses connectors to seamlessly integrate your mission-critical applications, empowering IT and business stakeholders to replace point-to-point solutions, error-prone manual processes, and data management efforts with powerful data synchronisation and automated work flows.

Born in the cloud, Saltbox scales and evolves with your business, so you have time to redefine how it operates.

Why Saltbox?

There are many ways to integrate business applications, but The Saltbox Platform is the only solution that can cost-effectively synchronize your data and automate processes across your entire tech stack. Saltbox eliminates the expense and technical complexity of managing multiple point-to-point integrations.

  • Designed and priced for growing and mid-market companies
  • 100% cloud-native (no legacy code)
  • Powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services) to support infinite transactions and concurrent work flows
  • Built by experts in small and medium business systems and integration
  • Offers a flexible service model that provides as much support as you need

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Strategic Benefits

Free up time to innovate

Boost productivity and free up IT staff

Reduce integration costs

Consolidate integration tools on a single platform

Eradicate expensive errors

Replace manual processes and data entry with automated work flows

Boost the ROI of your tech stack

Accelerate automation efforts and extend the functionality of existing systems

Key features

Low code

Map fields and design workflows with drag-and-drop ease


Dynamically adjusts with transaction volume


Integrate with and build actions, functions, and triggers for any endpoint

Error tracing

Spot, diagnose, and resolve failed transactions and workflows

Dashboards and alerts

Get instant visibility into workflow statuses and transaction volumes

Version control

Easily track and revert workflow changes

You may be ready for Saltbox if:


You want to integrate two or more applications, data sets, or processes


Point integration tools are creating more problems than they solve


You want to get more out of your technology investments


Automation has become a strategic initiative for your business


You want to reduce the CapEx and OpEx of building and maintaining integrations and work flows