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Saltbox Platform


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Making Systems Work Together

Businesses continue to shift from out-of-the-box software suites to a complex set of independent applications that need to work together. This change means these applications must transform and transfer data continuously – often in real-time. That leads to an ongoing burden of maintaining integrations between multiple systems and tools. The Saltbox Platform eliminates this burden and seamlessly connects the applications you rely on to run your business.

Enabling Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is reimagining your business for the digital age, and business owners who have embraced digital transformation are 26% more profitable than those who have not. (Massachusetts Institute for Technology). 

The Saltbox Platform powers your digital transformation journey by:

  • Providing the pathways to add new systems and processes
  • Allowing you to modify existing processes for greater flexibility and agility in changing times and unprecedented circumstances
  • Letting you establish new connections between systems
  • Offering new ways to access and use applications and data with human interactions in workflows
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Simplifying the Implementation Process

Unlike customized development projects, the Saltbox Platform is simple to implement. A low-code process speeds your project and requires fewer revisions during the integration process because innovation happens closer to the application and user.

In a traditional point-to-point integration, more integrated applications equal more connection lines. Things get complex and cluttered, and the headaches and mistakes creep in.

Using the Saltbox Platform as a central connection hub eliminates much of the connection complexity. The more applications you need to integrate, the more valuable the Saltbox Platform is. And because your applications are integrated with a platform rather than point-to-point, it’s easier to change one application for another without disrupting your entire environment.

Key Features


Automatically responds to volume demands.

Visual Field Mapping 

Easily map fields for application integration and automatically transform data formats (e.g., date configuration) during data transfer.

Visual Workflow Creation 

Build new workflows and understand the steps in current workflows for greater visibility and usability.

Dashboard and Metrics 

Understand the status and volume of all integrations with just a quick review.

Intuitive Error Tracing 

Easily review errors and failed transactions to understand and correct issues quickly.


Saltbox works with application webhooks to reduce the volume of system traffic and increase application and integration speed.

API or File Based Integration 

Easily add modern applications with APIs to the Saltbox Platform with an industry or custom connector.

Various Options for Applications

Use multiple options for applications in each class (e.g., eCommerce connectors for Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce).

Cost Savings Benefits of Saltbox Platform

Eliminate Manual Data Transfer

Prevent costly mistakes from manual transfer.

Prevent Costly Errors

Reduce down-time and ensure errors aren’t costing you.

Stop Duplicating Efforts

Eliminate the need to create new workflows as business activities and conditions change (e.g., remote work and systems).

Free Up Time to Innovate 

Free up time to innovate and have your staff focus on more important tasks.


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Saltbox is designed and built as a cloud-centric tool specifically for connecting transactional data between critical business systems. Additionally, Saltbox provides for integration and workflow construction in a manner that allows for intelligent human intervention in input, approvals and exception handling. 

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